Tips for Teens With Oily Skin, Pimples and Acne

Many teens become self-conscious about themselves and having a problem skin can really affect their self-confidence. Most teens experience problem skin at some point. As children grow and become teens, the hormonal changes can cause excessive oil production. The oils itself can become thick and waxy, clogging up the pores resulting in congestion, blackheads and breakouts. However, if you get in early and introduce a good basic skin care routine, this will help by preventing the problem from getting worse.

Teach Teenagers How to Care For Their Skin

Teaching children how to properly care for their skin from a young age can help prevent problems down the track. A basic cleansing and protective routine will help clear the excessive oil and buildup and protect their delicate skin from environmental damage.

Children should be taught to cleanse their skin morning and night with the gentle Sothys Purifying Gel Cleanser and protect their skin with a good sunscreen whenever outdoors. This is the bare minimum needed for children.

Address Problem Skin Early

As they enter teen years and the hormones cause increased oil production causing clogging, congestion, blackheads and breakouts, more skincare products will be needed to address these problems. A good deep cleanser with a scrub such as the Sothys Desquacrem forte can be introduced 2-3 times a week if they have clogging or congestion. A drawing mask such as the Sothys Absorbent Mask once a week to clear and refine the pores. Spot treatment with the Sothys Purifying serum on areas of breakouts will be needed if they have pimples. Sothys Active cream moisturiser will help protect their skin without over nourishing and support the skin as it heals.

Establishing a good skin care and hygiene routine early, will help children, teens and young adults look after their skin and wellbeing for life. Prevention is always better than the cure. There is much we can do to help clear a problem skin but getting in early will help prevent the problems from getting out of control.


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