Swedish Massage Your Way To Relaxation

Best Swedish Massage narellan campbelltown camden at skin tonics beauty & skin clinicThere’s no doubt a Swedish massage feels wonderful and is a great way to unwind after a stressful week or to simply spoil yourself.

While a Swedish massage is ideal for relaxation, this type of massage also provides several other mental and physical benefits.


What Is A Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is also called a relaxation massage. This type of massage utilizes a variety of modalities. For instance, it’s common that hot stones or reflexology be used. Based on your desire, the massage therapist can use a gentle, soft touch or a more restorative and firm touch.


The Technique of Swedish Massage

There are five massage techniques used with a Swedish massage. However, based on a massage therapist’s personal style, the modality used, and the amount of pressure used, this type of massage will vary from therapist to therapist. What remains the same is that all therapists use lotion, rather than oil, for this type of massage. (Oils can make the body too slippery and can make it difficult to grip the muscle tissue).

  • Effleurage – This technique uses long, sweeping strokes that move over your body, rather than focusing on a particular body part. It is generally used at the beginning of a Swedish massage and at the end of your session.
  • Petrissage – When using this technique, your muscle tissues are squeezed and kneaded between the massage therapist’s fingertips and thumb. This is great for relaxing muscles and working out knots.
  • Friction Technique – This technique creates heat and helps to break up adhesions in the tissue of your muscles. Short strokes or circular strokes are made, moving along the muscle fiber of your body.
  • Percussion Stroke – Utilising a hacking motion, your muscles are “chopped” by the edges of the massage therapist’s hands.
  • Stretching – With this technique, the massage therapist moves your arms or your legs into different positions in order to increase their length and encourage your muscles to better respond to stretching.


Swedish Massage Benefits

Swedish massages provide a number of physical benefits, including a decrease in body pain, eliminating knots in the muscles, increasing circulation of the blood, and relaxing the muscles. It also allows the lymph system the ability to flush out metabolic waste. Mental benefits include a reduction in stress and a higher level of relaxation. This type of massage can also help you to sleep better, as well as a provide a boost to your immune system.


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