Skin Redness Causes and Treatment Options That Work!

Do you have red skin or skin that flares up quite easily? Is the redness located on your face, neck or decolletage? Then you may have what is called couperose, a condition with damaged or weak capillaries.

What is couperose?

Couperose is a skin condition where the capillaries are more visible on the skin giving the skin a red appearance. In the early stages couperose comes and goes and can flare up from time to time. As time progresses, the skin condition can become permanent and more pronounced.

What Causes Couperose?

People of certain backgrounds are more predisposed to couperose genetically. Skins that are fairer, thinner and more delicate are more likely to develop couperose. The delicate network of capillaries are damaged by external factors such as UV exposure, and extreme cold and wind. Hot shower directed on the face, harsh scrubbing and pulling of the skin can also damage the capillaries. Spicy foods, alcohol and other stimulants can cause the couperose to flare up.

Can Couperose Be Treated?

Couperose is a relatively easy condition to treat. If it is in the early stages, facials that help calm the skin and strengthen capillaries are your best option. We recommend a course of 6 Clarte & Comfort ampoule therapy treatments every week, with a monthly maintenance facial thereafter.
Daily maintenance is essential to help prevent the couperose from becoming worse. Products formulated specifically to calm and strengthen capillaries must be used morning and night. We recommend the Clarity cleanser and lotion and serum and cream from the Clarte and Comfort range.

Reduce Red Skin With IPL Skin Rejuvenation

For people with more pronounced and damaged capillaries, we recommend IPL skin rejuvenation. Intense Pulse Light treatments target vascular lesion and diffuse the redness. With each treatment the skin will be more even toned and calm with less and less redness. A course of treatments is recommended for best result and can be 3-5 treatments one month apart. The number of treatments required are dependant on the extent of vascular damage and individual skin.


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