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Central to the dermaviduals philosophy is corneotherapy – the science of maintaining and restoring healthy skin. This unique approach treats the skin as a living organ, utilising products that mimic skin structure and function, while ensuring skin preservation and overall health. No two skins are alike, so dermaviduals’ products are formulated to provide a tailored approach – suiting the needs of individual skin types and individual conditions

Dermaviduals products contain only the purest of ingredients from around the world and are free from fragrances, conventional emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, silicones, amines, mineral oils and colours.

The range includes over 40 different active serums encapsulated in liposomes (or nanoparticles), which fuse and strengthen the bilayers of the skin, enabling effective penetration of the active ingredients. Once released, these agents permeate the skin’s barrier in a pure and safe manner, ensuring optimal delivery.

Dermaviduals base creams are uniquely formulated with a derma membrane structure (DMS) utilising physiological ingredients that work to strengthen the first barrier of skin defence. It has a direct affinity to the structure and function of the skin’s cell membranes and the bilayers of the epidermis.

A consultation with your dermaviduals skin expert can curate a personalised skincare solution just for you

Express Facials  and Acne Treatments

Express Enzyme Treatment - 30mins - $69

A 30 minute intensive treatment that uses fruit enzymes to gently refine the skins surface, perfect for a quick pick me up when you're short on time.

Custom Derma Facial - 45mins - $99

A treatment fully customised to your skin concerns, from acne to rosacea, ageing and more. Includes double cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, treatment mask, finishing products, scalp massage and hand/arm massage.

 Acne Derma Facial - 60mins - $129

For normal and acne prone skins to clarify, purify and restore skin barrier function. Fully customised for normal skins through to the differing grades of acne.

Advanced Facials and Age Management

All 60-75 Minute Dermavidual Facials include facial massage, scalp massage and hand/arm massage.

Age Management Derma Facial - 75mins - $169

A fully customised facial treatment to address your ageing concerns. Combining ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin, and slow the ageing process.

Pigmentation Derma Facial - 75mins - $169

A custom facial using tyrosinase inhibitors ( enzyme for formation of melanin) to prevent melanin formation and restore damage from UVA/UVB. Giving the skin the radiance and luminosity it deserves.

Custom Derma Facial - 75mins $169

A custom facial to suit any skin from sensitised to rosacea and barrier impaired skins. To rebuild and strengthen the skins barrier for a stronger more resilient skin. Reducing redness and calming reactivity.


With 30 years of product development, dermaviduals’  bespoke skincare range has achieved global success amongst top skin aestheticians and health professionals.

dermaviduals products are manufactured by KoKo GmbH & Co.KG to the demanding standards of Dr Hans Lautenschläger, an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry.

As with fingerprints, everyone’s skin is unique, hence our individual approach to skincare. In 1994, Dr Hans Lautenschläger and his team of research experts created a bespoke skincare range designed to treat individual skin types and conditions, setting the products apart from the conventional blanket-approach skincare solutions of the day.


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