Can I get a Lash Lift while I am pregnant?

Are Lash Lifts safe whilst Pregnant?

This is a very common enquiry and the simple answer is that we do not recommend having a lash lift in your first trimester of pregnancy.

The reason for this is due to the immense fluctuating hormones in the first 12 weeks that can risk a possible reaction or even a low to zero end result. It is vital that any expecting mother at any stage of their pregnancy considers that if they were to experience a reaction, they are unable to take medications or antihistamines to reduce the reaction.

Lash Lift & Pregnancy

It is important to know that if you are experiencing hormonal changes in your body from breast feeding, taking the contraceptive pill  or undergoing hormonal replacement treatment  that you are aware that the lashes may not lift as well as desired.

On a positive note a lot of our clients do still get a great result with the lash lift whilst pregnant we just like you to know of the possible outcomes.


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