Brow Lamination – everything you need to know

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a procedure where your brow hairs are relaxed so they can be straightened and lifted to create either a bold or fluffy look or to help correct gaps and make them look fuller and thicker.

How does it work?

The first solution helps break down the bonds of the hair so that they can be manipulated into the desired direction and shape. The second solution is to set the hairs and to reform the bond of the hairs.

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You can not get the hairs wet or use any heavy creams or actives whilst the hairs are settling into place as this can cause the hairs to drop. The first 24 hours the hairs will look very flat which can be a little daunting but after this you can start to brush the hairs into your desired shape.

Who’s it for?

Brow Lamination is for anyone and everyone… it can be used to create that WOW look, to enhance your natural brows, help tame unruly and troublesome hairs, create fuller and fluffier brows or to help correct gaps.

If you have extremely sparse brows this may not make them look fuller and you may benefit from some more permanent services but please speak with your therapist who can help you decide on your brow journey.

How long does it last?

Brow Lamination will last until the hairs go through there natural growth cycle. You can expect to get 60-90 days out of your lamination. You can have brow laminations performed every 8-10 weeks and no less than every 6. Please always discuss this with your therapist.

What Products are used in your Brow Lamination?

We use Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion for Brow Laminations. They are an extremely reputable Australian Owned company who specialises in Brow Laminations and Lash Lifts.

Profusion is Vegan friendly, gluten free, latex free and thioglycolate free.

Solution is mixed with the ReGen formula which contains amino acid technology and plant extracts to help strengthen the hairs.



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