In your 40s you will find your skin is not the same it was when it was younger. The demands of stress, pollution, UV exposure over the years and gravity can take its toll on the skin over time.

Women in their 40s will begin to notice more permanent lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. They will also notice the skin is starting to lose its elasticity and begin to drop around the cheeks, jowls and eye lids.

The skin texture can start to look a little bit thicker with more open pores and the skin color can become an irregular color spotted with brown patches and stains on the forehead, cheeks, neck and décolletage. This is the result of sun exposure in the early years.

A basic skin cleanse, tone and moisturize routine needs an upgrade. Women in their 40s need to pay special attention to boosting collagen production in their skin and minimizing pigmentation.


Step one: cleanse and tone with products that micro-exfoliate the skin to remove pigmentation, smooth open pores and refine wrinkles and select products that contain brightening agents to even out skin tone. Try to Sothys Glysalac skin prep cleanser and the Brightening lotion. This active duo is excellent for sun-damaged, pigmented skin with open pores and visible signs of aging.

Step two: use a powerful vitamin C serum every day to protect your skin from free radical damage that causes pigmentation and aging. Try the Sothys vitamin C dermobooster with hyaluronic acid, a powerful combo to plump out lines and wrinkles, intensely hydrate and even out skin tone.

Step three: during the day select a moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants and peptides to boost collagen production and protect the skin from free radical damage. Try the Sothys anti-aging grade creams or the ultimate and powerful creme de la creme, the Sothys Secrets cream.

At night choose to use night creams that include AHAs to micro-exfoliate, smooth refine and rejuvenate the skin. The ever popular Sothys Noctuelle is the ideal night treatment cream to rejuvenate your skin overnight. With Vitamin C and E and a blend of AHAs, this cream will smooth fine lines, brighten and soften your skin.

Step four: if your skin has been exposed to significant amount of sun damage in the past it will benefit with vitamin A therapy. Boost your night cream with the Retinol dermobooster, a powerful vitamin A serum.

Step five: exfoliation is the key to reversing some of the visible signs of aging on your skin. Use a good quality exfoliant once or twice a week to remove the dead cell build-up which can make your skin look dull. Regular exfoliation will ensure optimal penetration of active products you use, so by removing the dead cell build up, you get the best out of your skin care routine.

Step six: if you have not already developed a good sun protection routine, now is the critical time to start doing so. All the products you use on your skin to help brighten pigmentation a reverse the signs of aging will be compromised if you go back out in the sun and cause further damage. Use a good quality SPF30+ every day, as well as wearing a hat whenever outdoors and staying in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

Would you like to speed up the results you get with your skin care routine? Read this article on tips to rejuvenate your skin with in-clinic treatments.


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