Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

Waxing twice a month or using synthetic hair removal products take up lots of time. Laser hair removal seems like a very convenient option as it rids you of the unwanted hair in a series of treatments.

A popular hair removal technique is trending these days and we’re going to explain everything you need to know about it.

What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light hair removal is a kind of light therapy that can be used for several skin treatment processes, especially the removal of unwanted hair.

How does it differ from regular laser hair removal procedures?

Most laser treatments use one specific wavelength to remove unwanted hair. The laser beam is reflected from the diode and its intensity depends on the region being treated. On the other hand, IPL technology operates on several wavelengths ranging between 500-1200 nanometres. Since these wavelengths can target more areas, the technique is highly effective for the removal of unwanted hair from the body.

What does the procedure involve?

IPL involves the projection of a wavelength onto the targeted skin region, focusing on the hair pigments. You can think of it like a dark black shirt that will absorb all the heat from the sun as soon as you step out into the street.

The hair pigments absorb the light emanating from the IPL device. The heat produced by these wavelengths causes the growing hair cells, responsible for producing hair, to die out and expire. A little light bulb is used to generate multiple light waves, and therefore, the procedure is much more effective due to diffused nature of the targeting wavelengths.

How does it work?

The IPL laser treatment can be thought of as a tiny lamp with a light bulb that generates scattered wavelengths of light and allows the device to target any specific area. It has a powerful effect on the pigments deep within the hair and this is why IPL is a wonderful option for fair skinned people who have dark body hair.

IPL can only be administered on growing hair attached to your body. However, the human body has 20-40% actively growing hair, and this is why this procedure requires you to sit through at least 12 treatments to make sure the IPL is exposed to all your body hair while they’re completing their life cycle.

IPL is a remarkable choice for treating excessive body hair. It’s a great solution for fairer skin types, and those who have extremely dark hair.


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