Easy Beauty Routine for Women in Their 30s

If you’ve never really had a beauty routine and lately in the mirror, you’re noticing some lines and wrinkles, this article is for you. Like some other people, you’re probably only washing your face with water and not doing much to care for your skin. Now that you have noticed the first sign of ageing, you want to prevent your wrinkles from getting more pronounced. This is an excellent time to learn more about establishing a good skincare routine. Helping you build an effective skincare routine is where we can help! We are the skincare experts and can help to reverse some of the damage from lack of care and can even help to delay the signs of ageing.

Cleansing Your Skin the Right Way

So let’s start from the basics, and this includes cleansing your skin correctly. Cleansing is the first step in your beauty routine, and it’s essential to your skin health and beauty. Rinsing your skin with water is not enough to properly clean it. We know that water alone cannot remove the dirt, grime, pollution, dust, and harmful bacteria from your skin.

To effectively remove impurities from your skin, you need to use a cleansing product. On the body, we use soaps and shower gels but on the face when you need to use something different because the skin on the face is more delicate than on the body. Specially formulated products for cleansing the skin on the face are best. Try to avoid products that foam because they contain detergents which strip the skin, cause dehydration and premature aging. Best cleansing products for the face are gentle cleansing creams and milks, which include both water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients. The combination of oil and water-soluble cleansing ingredients will help to remove impurities from your skin as well as protect and hydrate your skin.

These are the cleansers we recommend: Sothys Daily Cleansers

Anti-aging Moisturisers for Reversing and Preventing Premature Aging

If you are not already moisturising your skin with an essential hydrating moisturiser, now is the time to start. However, if you want to address the signs of aging and prevent premature aging, you need to step it up to an anti-aging moisturiser. Moisturisers that plump out wrinkles and boost collagen production in your skin are the types of moisturisers you need in your 30s. Hyaluronic acid, potent antioxidants and peptides are some of the key ingredients you need to look for.

Hyaluronic acid is a wrinkle plumping and hydrating ingredient so essential in any anti-aging beauty routine. Peptides signal more collagen production in the skin so are terrific for reducing the signs of wrinkles and firming the skin. Potent antioxidants neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging in the skin so are essential in an excellent anti-aging formula.

If you’re in your 30s and beginning to show signs of wrinkles and aging these are the products we recommend: Sothys Pro-Youth Anti-ageing Moisturisers

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

90% of aging in the skin is directly the result of sun damage. You don’t need to be a beach bunny to age faster. Infrequent and occasional exposure to the sun can accumulate over time to cause premature aging in the skin. This means you need to be more diligent with your sunscreen and wear it every single day. Whether it is cloudy outside or sunny, whether it is summer or winter, you need to wear a sunscreen every single day to delay the signs of ageing. Studies show that regular use of a sunscreen can even help to reverse some of the premature ageing from sun damage. So it’s never too late to start and if you’re already not wearing an SPF 30 of SPF 50 every day now is a good time to start.

We love and recommend the Manola Health Sun Shield!

Professional Treatment For Wrinkles & Ageing Skin

We are so lucky, technology has come far, and we have many treatments that can help fight wrinkles and keep them at bay. If you are brand new to the beauty scene, we would suggest you start with facials. Our Sothys anti-aging treatment is a comprehensive treatment that targets all signs of aging and helps to smooth out wrinkles. You can do the Sothys Pro-youth intensive treatments as a course of three treatments done fortnightly and then once a month maintenance facials to keep your skin looking beautiful. For more information, don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook or call us directly.


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