Tips for Tired Looking Eyes

tips for tired looking eyes

We’re living in a time when keeping up with a fast lifestyle, and daily commitments is a real challenge. Extremely busy schedules don’t allow most of us to take enough sleep and that often results in puffy, tired looking eyes.

Luckily, there are some simple tips that can help you get rid of the tired looking eyes effortlessly.

Drink Lime Water:

Lime water provides necessary hydration, cleanses your body, makes your skin glow and thus, makes you look fresh as well. In a glass of warm water, mix the juice of ½ freshly squeezed lime.

Apply an Eye Mask:

Sothys Anti-Puffiness energising roll-on is highly useful for puffy eyes.  The metal roll-on applicator leaves a thin layer of firming gel on the eye contour to instantly reduce puffiness. The product may also be used as a ‘mask’ by repeating the application roller over the area under the eye several times.

Reduce Salt:

Sodium retains water in our body, so reducing excessive salt intake such as salty snacks can let you get rid of tired and puffy looking eyes.

Use Sunglasses:

Sunglasses provide protection against the UV radiations as well as dust and pollution.  This can really help protect your eyes from oxidative stress and premature wrinkling.

Ensure Enough Iron Intake:

Deficiency of iron in the body often results in puffy eyes. Women under 45 years of age require a constant supply of iron. So, if you’ve tried looking eyes that don’t go away with proper sleep and hydration, you should consider taking some iron supplements.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream:

Anti-aging creams have special active ingredients that tighten the skin around the eye. Regular application of a good anti-aging product is sure to relieve you from tired looking eyes. Try the Sothys Multi-action eye contour cream because the eye contour area contains less collagen and elastin so it is often the first area to show signs of ageing.

You can also use eye packs or cucumber slices, and even tea bags on eyes to soothe the skin. Applying these on eyes for 5-15 minutes provide hydration and other natural healing ingredients that make your eyes look refreshing and healthy.

Eyes are the most prominent feature of your face. Puffy eyes can not only make you look older but also take away the confidence. Add one or two above-mentioned tips in your daily routine and enjoy healthy looking eyes even with your tough daily challenges.

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