Microdermabrasion Sydney – How to get The Best Results

Fractional RF at Skin Tonics Beauty & Skin Clinic NarellanWHAT IS MICRODERMABRASION?

Diamond Microdermabrasion is a popular rejuvenation treatment that instantly brings the glow back to your skin. After one treatment your skin feels super smooth, silky and looks fresher, clearer and brighter.

We have been performing microdermabrasion treatments for many years with visible and impressive results. One treatment will quickly rejuvenate the skin. A course of treatments will help improve the appearance scarring, facial lines and wrinkles, open pores, clogging and blackheads and help brighten pigmentation.


Diamond microdermabrasion work by deeply exfoliating your skin. A wand with a diamond tip is passed over your skin, exfoliating the dead cells then removing the buildup with gentle suction. The procedure is quite comfortable, even relaxing for most people. One session lasts for 30 minutes so this makes it an excellent quick lunchtime treatment. To see more dramatic results on scarring, open pores, sun damaged skin or prematurely aged skin we recommend a course of 6 weekly treatments. After a course we will assess the skin and in some cases another course may be required. A monthly maintenance treatment will help to maintain the results.

Developing wrinkle lines on your face discover Fractional Radio Frequency treatments at Skin Tonics Beauty & Skin Clinic in NarellanTIPS FOR BEST RESULTS

To get the most out of your treatment we recommend keeping your skin well hydrated by drinking 2 liters of water. Use a good quality moisturiser such as the Sothys Hydra3 Cream. Two weeks before commencing a course of treatments, start using a vitamin C serum every day. This will help enhance the results of the treatments.

Following a microdermabrasion treatment we recommend to stay out of direct sun for 48 hours.  Apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen whenever outdoors for at least two weeks. Continue using your vitamin C serum and a good moisturiser to enhance the results and keep your skin well hydrated.

For further information, visit our information page: http://skintonicsbeauty.com.au/diamond-microdermabrasion/ or call us for advice.


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