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Skin Tonics Beauty & Skin Clinic offer hot stone and Swedish massage services in Narellan. Both forms of massage are to relieve stress as well as stimulate your body. If you are looking for a stress relief or one of your family or friends look like they need to unwind, we offer gift certificates for all our beauty services. Give us a call today on 02 4647 8711 to book.

What Is A Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage in Narellan is a combination of heat therapy and massage techniques. With this type of massage, warm and hot natural stones are placed on the body and used to massage it. The idea behind this treatment modality is that the heat from the stones help to relax the muscles, which enables the therapist to access deeper muscles for a better massage.

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What Is A Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is also called a relaxation massage. This type of massage utilizes a variety of modalities. For instance, it’s common that hot stones or reflexology be used. Based on your desire, the massage therapist can use a gentle, soft touch or a more restorative and firm touch.

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 NEW Amber and Myrrh Body Treatment

Sothys Oriental Spa Sensations Spa Ritual

The treatment begins with an exfoliating gel containing aromatic essences and enzymes that gently remove dead skin cells, enhanced with a Terracotta stone to increase dead skin cell removal. Warm towels remove the exfoliant then warmed oil with date and Amber extract is massaged into the skin with deep soothing movements…..a delicious escape

The exfoliating stone is our gift to you, to maintain the results at home.

75 Minute Treatment – $135
90 Minute Treatment – $155


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