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You’ve got something special coming up and guess what, you get a breakout, just at the worst possible time! Don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips for you to help you clear it up quickly and leave your skin sparkly just in time for your special event.

As soon as you feel the itch or feel a bump coming up, you’ve got to get to it fast to minimise the breakout. Whether it’s on your face, your chest, your shoulders, or your back,  stop it in its track before it becomes a massive breakout. Treat the skin as soon as you feel something coming up.

Prep Your Skin First

Cleanse the area you are treating with an anti-inflammatory cleanser such as the Sothys Clarity cleansing milk. Next, with cotton pads, apply the anti-inflammatory Clarity lotion to the treatment area.

Spot Treatment

If the breakouts have already come to a head and you see whitehead pimples, dab on the Sothys Glysalac Dermobooster – an intensive spot treatment serum to quickly deal with pimples and breakouts.

If you have a deep, painful, red, swollen “blind” lesion, the Retinol dermobooster with vitamin A is the best serum for hormonal breakouts. Leave on overnight and re-apply twice a day until the breakouts have cleared.

Speed It Up

Just speed up the clearing of your spots, use the Sothys Absorbant Mask as a spot treatment and leave on overnight to draw out toxins and reduce the inflammation around the lesion. It helps to quickly dry up the pimples and reduce the appearance of breakouts. Use nightly as a spot treatment until breakouts have cleared up.

The Best Moisturisers for Clearing up Breakouts

It is possible to keep your skin moisturised and treat existing breakouts and help prevent new breakouts from coming back. You just need to use the right mix of ingredients in a moisturiser.

For the occasional hormonal breakout, try the Sothys Hydra Protective Cream. It contains Chaparral (a Retinol-like ingredient) and Vegetal Filatov Extracts which help to prevent and clear existing minor hormonal breakouts.

If you are prone to breakouts that come to a head, try the Sothys Active Repairing cream, a treatment cream with antibacterial actives to combat problem skin with acne tendencies fights the cause of acne and speeds the healing of lesions.

For cystic lesions and blind spots, try the Sothys Regulating Cream.  This cream calms and reduces inflammation associated with cystic acne, which typically occurs in zones along the jawline, chest and back.

Intensive Professional Treatments

If you have the time to come in, we can do quick intensive treatments to help clear breakouts, spots, pimples and acne fast. Depending on the severity of your problem, we may choose to do a quick peel to decongest, unclog and clear up spots fast. LED photo rejuvenation is fabulous for clearing up inflammation and scarring after the lesions have cleared up.  If you mainly have skin congestion, blackheads, and open pores, microdermabrasion is fabulous to give the skin a smooth polish instantly. For more severe problems, we offer corrective acne treatments and intensive 20% salicylic acid peel for fast results on stubborn issues.

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