Beauty Make up and Style Ideas for Spring 2017

spring 2017 style makeup beauty tips


The most awaited season of the year is right around the corner with fresh essence of blooming flowers and vibrant colors waiting to be welcomed by the people of land. Let’s keep it simple for an intro and dive right into the business.

Today we are talking about the beauty trends of spring 2017, so without further ado let’s dig in!

Vivid Eye Shadow

80’s trend of exaggerated eye shadow is back. If you like standing out in the crowd, go for the make-up look created by Pat McGrath for Louis Vuitton show. Or you can even go for a single swept eye shadow.

Bright lips

What’s true of less is more? The ultimate bright lips. Believe it or not, but finally the minimalists have succeeded in bringing about this only- lips- tinted trend as international spring beauty essential. For the season you can choose between shades of orange-ish red to mild pinks.

Radiant Skin

Quite obvious that is. The key to looking fab this season is a vibrant fresh skin, but how do you do it?  Highlight all the way! Yes, McGrath says let certain areas of your face glow, for example the temples, cheek bones or bridge of your nose, this gives the illusion of a shiny glowy skin that is healthy and well kept.


Braids are here to stay. Mark it, write it and embed it in your head. Spring is ideal season for braiding your hair as it gives you the space to play around with numerous flowers that are used as embellishment for hair. Long or short, it doesn’t matter what length your hair are you can braid them easily – follow these amazing hairstyle tutorials for short hair by Malibu on YouTube if you have trouble being creative on your own!
Which spring beauty idea are you most excited to try out?

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